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Prayer WORKS

Rediscover The Rosary

Revitalized devotion to our Blessed Mother is needed more than ever.

Rosary Renaissance was created in devotion to Mother Mary, and as a way to send respects to our founder Dave Maggio's late mother, Louise. Louise was totally devoted to the Blessed Mother throughout her life, praying daily rosaries and attending Novenas weekly.

Today's climate needs this faith to carry on. We've been plagued with pandemic, stress, disease, violence, and endless distraction from what matters most - Our connection to the Divine. 

We provide a revolutionary new rosary device to help Catholics keep track of their prayer practice on-the-go. The Rosary Renaissance handheld device is a perfect fundraiser for Catholic missions, and your proceeds help the needy.

We have a mission to use proceeds from Rosary Renaissance tools and fundraising packages to build homeless shelters and donate to Catholic Charities, as well as to aid members of our Church with their Catholic goals. 

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